Fast Gallery – Quickstart

Checkout the Fast Gallery overview page.

This is a quick start for setting up a Fast Gallery. I did this with Fast Gallery 5.5 and Drupal 6.17.

First a quick introduction on how Fast Gallery works. Basically Fast Gallery displays a pictures from a folder, just like you know it from Windows Explorer. So lets say you uploaded 50 pictures to your site via FTP, you point your gallery to the folder, then user is presented those 50 pictures. If there are subfolders, the user can just click on the folder and will see the pictures from this subfolder (just like in Windows Explorer).

  1. Copy the latest version of Fast Gallery into your modules folder
  2. Install Fast Gallery
  3. Install Imagecache and setup two presets: "thumbs" and "full" (for example)
  4. Go to admin/settings/fast_gallery/general. Here we are going to setup a gallery
  5. On the top we got three text fields: "Path to Gallery", "Path Alias" and "Title of Gallery". Path to gallery would the folder where the images are located relative to the Drupal index.php, so for example sites/default/files/galerie. Path Alias, would be any alias, so for example: my_gallery, and the "Title fo Gallery" could be something like "My first Fast Gallery"
  6. There are two dropdowns for selecting imagecache presets. Since you created two imagecache presets previously you can select them now here
  7. On the same page we we have other options, which we can leave as they are
  8. Hit the submit button
  9. That's it, you are done! Go to and you should see some images

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