Cooliris Integration – My Plans

With the 5er version Fast Gallery got so much more handy. The latest changes with the plugable Frontend make development for fast gallery a pleasure as you don't have to be afraid anymore killing the whole module when you only want to switch presentation. It's really a charm.

Well, somebody asked about support. I do think this does look really cool. So I looked into it. The bummer is, the cooliris needs a feed… which is kinda cool, but again for Fast Gallery not really handy. Well here is my plan of attack: Use the fast gallery API module (which I started developing, but kinda lost interest).

The in detail plan looks like this:

1. Extend hook_fast_gallery_info

Allow two more parameters: type and source. Type would be "feed" and source would be the base path of where to find the feed (something like fast_gallery_api/get)

2. Fix fast gallery api module

As said this needs some love. Probably we just need to test it a little be in depth, maybe an additional handler and make sure that the feed is being outputted correctly so that cooliris will understand the format.

3. embed cooliris

That's probably going to be the easiest part. Just past in the object tag and point the source to where specified.

I guess 1 and 3 are a matter of 15 minutes, while 2 is going to take some time. So if any of you guys wants to help… Get your hands dirty and start coding. The plattform for patches would be in the fast gallery issue queue.