Something Will Go Wrong For Golive

there's always something wrong when doing a migration even if it's just small things. Plan for it. @rapsli

I recently successfully finished a big project. End of that project was the launch of the website. After half a year of work this was a big relieve. Careful planning should ensure that everything would go as planned. Weeks of testing should ensure that all bugs are know and eventually fixed. The involvment of different people should ensure that nothing got forgotten. Everything seemed perfect.

I hate to break the truth to yo. It's not. After launching the site and sending out the release annauncement to several thousand people we were brought back to reality. There were some bugs. Things that we have just simply forgotten because they were not directly affected by the project. Things that were not subject to any testcases. Things that were not within the project scope but were affected by it. Luckily it was nothing big. Nothing that couldn't be resolved within the day.

Keep in mind: Something will go wrong. Plan for it. Plan the unexpected

Some tipps to prepare for the unexpected

  • Make sure you have key people available and have time. Your head developer shouldn't be on vacation.
  • Make sure your environment allows quick changes. A deployment task that runs every day won't make your client too happy.
  • Respond quickly to incoming feedback. Keep bug reporters informed.
  • Choose the right communication media as you all know, e-mail is not always the best one!

but if ye are prepared ye shall not fear