Projectmanagers are Creative

While on a little biketour I posted the following image on Twitter.

And here's the answer to it:

Twitter Conversation

rapsli: Sometimes its good to just get out and away from the computer"
Schnitzel: @rapsli away from the computer? and what is the thin on the left? 😛

It's the right side, but besides that Schnitzel is totally right. There's my little GPS computer telling me where I have to go and in my backpocket lies my iPhone tracking my progress. Two computers on less than 1 squaremeter. I guess I can't really say I'm a way from the computer.

Getting out and take a break might sometimes work wonders. It's not only designers or developers that need to be creative. The projectmanager needs to find new and better ways to lead the project to success. Despite the power and functionality of Outlook and MS Project. They will not be able to answer those questions. It's the project manager alone!

Here's a really nice video: "29 ways to stay creative".

[iframe width="560" height="349" src=""]

Let's try to be more creative and flexible. The Projectmanagement world is more than Outlook and MS Project!