Apollohq – PM software review – fast and easy – 1

I had been looking for a PM software for quite some time. I worked a bit with IBN from MediaChase. It's a powerful tool, but it has so many options and features that you can't even use them all and that they are keeping you away from using the features you really need (we actually had to somehow hide most of the features so that users don't get confused). Through some blog review I found out about Apollohq. I decided to write a couple blog posts about their software, because I think it's really great (plus I don't have other good topics to write about right now, plus they seem to be some really nice guys).

Basics – First slow – then ultra fast

The first time you open the website it will take some time. It's loading the application and will then rely heavily on Javascript/Ajax to load new parts of the application. I think google does something simlar with gmail. Well the benefit from this: Once it's loaded everything runs in the browser and is super fast. You can't really tell, you are working in a browser. It's just very fast. Manage your project? Well, you just want to do things quickly and not waste time waiting for the application. That's actually the part I like the most about the platform. I'm very glad to make a trade off between fewer feature but more speed, after all for most small and medium sized projects I'm just fine when I can track tasks and timelines.


Ok, don't think Apollohq doesn't have any features. It is actually still fairly powerful (tasks, milestones, messaging, contacts, timemeasuring), but I think the guys did a very good job at grouping functions, so that they don't bother you. I'm actually using apollohq for a tiny project. The client is not very good at all with computers, but he could find he way easily around, to comment on tasks and to upload needed files without any training from my side.

Again, if you have small projects you don't want have long trainings just so that they can actually use the software. You want them to be able to do their job right away.

Is there some scrum?

No apollohq is not some scrum platform, but what I've learned from scrum: It's the people and what they do that is important. It's not complicated processes and software, but what they actually do. There you go. Fast, easy and simple.

More thoughts will come.