People like you and me build software

Everyday I'm using software for a couple of hours. In fact we are all using software: computer, TV, mobile phone (just to name the most obvious). Probably I couldn't even start listing them all: Windows, Office, Evernote, apollohq, Android, Facebook, Twitter, Sharepoint, Photoshop, Remember The Milk, Gmail, Google Maps, Pixel Ruler, VLC, Notepad++, Phone, some apps, ticket buying software, train schedule and, and, and.

Were you ever thinking what the developer of that piece of software looks like? Have you ever tried to get in touch with a Windows developer? Or someone who designed the software for your TomTom? Most likely you are not. Sending an e-mail to Microsoft, you'll just end up talking to some communication guy.

In the past weeks I had the pleasure to meet somebody from Wuala and just recently Andrea from Apollohq. These are just small companies building great software. Wuala is some cloud storage solution (that is actually becoming increasingly popular). Apollohq is a hosted really cool Project Management software. Talking to them made me realize that normal people are actually making awesome software. It's not just downloaded or bought in the store, it's actually coded and designed. And guess what you can actually talk to them.

There are hundreds of task management and pm software out there. It feels like they just come and go without human interaction… well they don't. If you look at all those services somewhere out there in the depths of the world wide web, probably most of them are run by some small team, a single freelancer or a small company. Only very few are like Facebook or Twitter are giants with their own offices and even they started out in a bedroom. So next time you use software or some kind of web service, try to picture the people who build it. And if you have a problem or if the software is just running really well: talk to them. Tell them. If it's not Microsoft but rather some smaller company/product they will hear you and even respond to you.

… maybe they are not people like you and me… almost, but just a little smarter and geeker 🙂