The Drupal Community from a distance

For years I've been actively involved in the community building and developing websites. For over half a year now I have left the community because my professionel career has led me into a different direction. I keep following the community through blogs and Twitter (thanks to everyone who helps keeping me up to date).It's interesting to see how the project evolves. On one side there's Dries who is jetting around the world meeting people (probably in white shirt and tie) and opening doors for new big opportunities. On the other hand the computer geek who loves hanging out in IRC talking techy Drupal and finding new ways on how to technically improve drupal. In between you have everything.
It seems as if some big changes will come? I'm curious to see what is going to happen. Rewrite of Drupal? Fork of Drupal? Small core with lots of installation profiles? The Drupal App store? Tons of ideas and somehow magically they will become Drupal 8 one day.

This whole process seems very chaotic, probably it is chaotic it is a mix of anarchy and democracy (but probably more anarchy). Maybe that's the strenght of Open Source projects? Chaos is a good base for innovation. There are no boundries no regulatory requirements to legacy things you need to care of, you just have to be able to convience the people and that's what's going on right now. Blog post sharing ideas trying to win people for ones ideas.

In one or two years we will no more… What will Drupal 8 be like?

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