2 Short comings of Google+

I really like Google+. I like it much better than Facebook. There are though two features that I really miss and I'm sure I'm not the only one:

Short coming 1: Exclude streams

I have a bunch of circles: Friends, Family, Followers and there's also the public one. So here's the usecase. I post an interesting blog post about project management. I set visibility to public. This post will also appear in my Family circle. I'm 100% sure my dad and grandma don't care about that (they actually get annoyed by it). So I would like a feature that allows to specifically exclude circles, but still have the post be public.

Short coming 2: Modify the default stream

When I open Google+ in the morning the stream is filled with crap. I could block all those people, but then again I'm not seeing anything from them. I would actually like to sift through the extended stream when I have more time. That said. It would be really helpful if the mainstream could be customized, so that it shows only the posts from the circles I want. That way I can ensure that I actually don't miss important information.