Identity crisis

Last year blogging was so much easier. The topic of was well defined: Drupal. These days it's a lot harder. I've been blogging about all kind of things, but not really focused. Just what ever has been on my mind. This resulted mostly in blogposts in the "Misc" section. I have been blogging about Sharepoint, some projectmanagement, woopra and google analytics and even about WYSIWYG editors. After all, I haven't been blogging that much.

Just recently I listened to Boagworld. Paul raised a fundamental question when running a website: Why Does Your Website Exist? Excellent question. The answer used to be: Personal information management and personal marketing. Nowadays I'm not so sure about this anymore. It's definitely not personal information management.

Why Does Your Website Exist?

That's the questions I've been asking myself lately. I use my blog to improve my English knowledge and improve my writing skills. Also I like writing and probably an other reason is for my ego. I'm still dreaming about The Article. The article that will crash the server or something. … with approx. 300-400 PI per day there's still lots of space for improvement.

So for the future: Expect a wide variety of topics… I'm in the "self finding" process 😉 because successful blogging is only achieved when passsionate about a topic and I haven't found that topic yet.