I have to admit, I'm an iPhone user. I just discovered Instagram. I have actually heard of that service a couple of times but have never paid any attention to it. I actually gave it a try today. It's a lot of fun and I'm actually curious to see what kinds of pictures will appear in my feed. It's kinda Twitter with pictures. Take a picture, add some cool filters and upload. That's it.

We got now Blogging for the authors, Twitter for the lacy, Facebook for the social, Youtube for the video makers and now also Instagram for amateur photographers.

Instagram tools

  • Instagrid. A Clean Web Gallery For Your Instagram Photos
  • Fun and useful metrics for your Instagram account.
  • Gramfeed. gramfeed is web interface for Instagram Mobile Photo sharing service to view popular photos on Instagram, view your Instagram photo timeline, view your follower's photo stream, post comments, like photos, follow new users and more

Check out my first instagram image:

Instagram toilet paper