Woopra iPhone App – How to use it?

Woopra has been on the market already for a couple of years despite of the "Beta" sign that is still part of the logo. Woopra is providing live statistics to the administrator. So you can actually see when a visitor is entering your page and what pages he is looking at. You could even chat with them. You can stalk them 😉

I just discovered that there's also an iPhone app. Oky, let's look at some screenshots, so you can imagine what it looks like:

Looks pretty good. I like it and I can even think of a real life scenario, where you could actually use such an app.


You can get quite a lot of different statistics, but there is no chance to get into any details. So for an in depth analysis you would rather use the browser or desktop version or google analytics.

Main feature: Live tracking while you are on the road.

Usage scenario

So where would you use a live tracker? I've seen a live tracker on a news publishing site. You have ten to twenty articles per day and you need an instant feedback on which topics are being red by your visitors, because you might want to add a second article to the same topic. This is for the desktop/browser version. What about the mobile version?

We actually used Twitter to enrich articles about a live events (for example a fashion show). The journalist would tweet from his mobile phone, the tweet stream is embeded in the article. The user actually has the option to either follow directly on twitter or for less techy people stay on the article that is being refreshed automatically. SI is using that same technology, for example for the Royal Wedding.

Since the journalist is writing from his mobile device he also needs an instant feedback so that he might eventually adapt his writing style to attract more readers.

For small websites like my blog this is more of a toy but for bigger sites this could be an essentiel tool for gathering instant feedback. Do you have other ideas on how to use it? Or how or why are you using it?

Woopra in iTunes.