Microsoft Sharepoint and good HTML Markup

I really don’t understand how Microsoft can’t make a CMS that would produce clean and valid HTML markup. I though table based designs are relicts from the last century. Well, obviously not. I understand that Sharepoint 2007 would maybe still rely on tables, but we are in 2011. I definitely would not expect layout tables in Sharepoint 2010! Dear developers at Microsoft: It’s time to move to new methods.

Here’s what Sharepoint 2010 does: For it’s general layout it’s not using tables. Thank you. But unfortunately that’s not everything. Have you ever looked at a Sharepoint 2010 navigation. You would think HTML lists (<ul><li>) would be the best solution for that. Developers at Microsoft think that cascaded tables are a better solution! Unbelievable. It blows up markup and I hope we’re not going to have to manipulate that navigation with CSS. It would be horror!

At least Microsoft is trying to make up for IE6 horror: «We are very sorry about IE6».

Sorry for posts like that. I’m just a little bit frustrating, coming from PHP/Open Source being confronted with very unflexible and desktop centred software. It will all be good eventually… let’s hope.