Webilea – Web Events Basel

There are several events in Zürich, for example the Drupal usergroup or the Webmonday. There hasn't been anything like that here in Basel until recently. Basel now also has it's social web event: Webilea. There have been some great presentations:

  • PHP from the point of view of a webhoster: Dominic Lüchinger (Cyon)
  • PR and Social Media: Oona Grauers is responsible for running communications at Wuala. Oona will be talking about PR, Social Media and the development of their communication strategy over time – from the very beginning up to now.
  • Technical Challenges of Developing a Facebook Game: Patrick Hüsler is a Berlin based programmer currently working on a Facebook game for Wooga. (It's pretty amazing how much traffic those games produce!)

But after all it was also nice to just meet some faces. Audience was pretty heterogeneous: Somebody from PR, somebody from Day (CMS), Baloise (an insurance company), some people of the hosting company cyon and bunch of students and freelance webdevelopers. It was though mainly a techy round.

I'm thinking about giving the Basel web geeks a presentation on Drupal. Even though I'm not on top of all the latest changes for the Drupal 7 release basics stay the same. Lets first see when and where the next webilea is going to take place.

A side note: There were about 20 people attending. Everyone but one was speaking German… presentations were held in English. Swiss people are just awesome. Way to go!

Checkout pictures. Thanks @Ruflin.