No financial crises @ Facebook

Portugal, Belgium and some other European countries could use some of that money too. According to CNBC Facebook is worth $ 50 billion. About half a year ago it was "only" $ 34 billion. I'm not much into finances, but it's impressiv to actually see that one third of the shares are in the hands of Facebook staff, having about 1700 employees this would make everybody a multi-millonaire. Not too bad. If you think about it, that $ 50 billion has no material countervalue (I'm sure they have a ton of servers, some office space and some desks), but that's not going to add up to $ 50 billion.

Is this our big dot-com bubble, with Facebook, Twitter and tons of other social network services. Maybe we should call it social-com bubble, and how big is it going to get? Living just of adds is kind of too easy, plus google for example has a lot of other services.

I saw this graphic at, and though it was pretty impressiv.

diagram - who owns facebook

Working for Facebook would definitely be good for your bank account 😉